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Acids and Alkalis Lab Report Essay

An acid is a group of chemicals. Acids are positively charged ions, they are liquid and are solutions of pure compounds in water. If you want to know if something is an acid, you can test it by using litmus paper. Acids will turn litmus paper red, whilst alkalis will turn it blue. Alkalis are negatively charged ions and are usually solid. Aim:To find out how much of different acids is needed to neutralize 25mls of sodium hydroxide solution (NaOH). Hypothesis:The strongest alkali will need the smallest amount of an acid to cancel out and the weakest will need more acid. Variables: Control| Independent| Dependent| The indicator, NaOH| H2SO4 HClHNO3| The chemical reaction between the acids and alkali. | Materials / Apparatus: * H2SO4 * HCL * HNO3 * Alkali (NaOH) * Stand * Burette * Beaker * Funnel * Bunsen Burner * Crucible * Phenolphyalein Method: 1. Pour the 25 ml of NaOH into a beaker. 2. Drop three drops of phenolphyalein into the beaker. 3. The solution will now turn pink. . Through a funnel, pour the acid into the burette. Start dripping a few drops one by one into the beaker. 6. The solution will start getting a lighter shade of pink. 7. Stir the beaker around. 8. Once the solution turns clear, stop adding more acid. 9. Calculate the amount of acid used. 10. Take the solution and pour a bit of it into a crucible. 11. Light the Bunsen burner. 12. The salt solution will turn into salt crystals when it is heated. NaOH + HCl = NaCl + H2O NaOH + HNO3 = NaNO3 NaOH + H2SO4 = Na2SO4 + 2H2O Observations: Alkali| Acid| Moles| Observation| NaOH| HCL| 1 Mole| Took 4 ml to neutralize. No further experiment was made. | NaOH| HCL| 0. 1 Mole| Took 31 ml to neutralize. 2. 30 minutes until pink salt crystals were formed. | NaOH| HNO3| 1 Mole| Took 19. 2 ml to neutralize. 2 minutes until good white salt crystals were formed. | NaOH| H2SO4| 2 Moles| Took 1. 1 ml to neutralize. 2. 15 minutes until rings of white salt were formed. | Analysis: The weakest acid (HCl 0. 1 Mole) needed the most alkali to be made into salt and the strongest (H2SO4 2 Moles) needed the least. Different experiments made different salts. Conclusion: The strongest acid will work faster and you will need less. This is because it is a lot more reactive than the weaker acids and it will want to react much faster with the alkali. Evaluation: In my group, Zuzanna and I were the ones doing the experiment while everyone else observed and took notes on what happened. The first time, we dropped one too many drops of H2SO4 in the alkali so the alkali quickly turned pink again. We had to try it six times before we could get it right because we kept putting too much in or we would forget how much we put in. But after a few tries we finally got it to work and we got the correct solution. Therefore we could finally go on to the next step and heat up the solution. It took our salt around 2 minutes and 15 seconds to heat up, evaporate and leave us with small rings of white salt crystals. Our salt crystals did not turn out as the best, but they were successful.

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Consider the importance of Curley’s Wife Essay

   She seems to believe that the man sent her a letter, and that her mother ripped it up, so she left home and, out of spite, married Curley. Even thought she never received the letter, she still clings on to the tiny bit of hope that one day she will be in the movies. Unfortunately, she dies before she has the chance to fulfill her dream, just as Lennie does. This represents and shows the reader how lives never go to plan. Their dreams are wishes for untarnished happiness and the freedom to fulfill their dreams is non-existant. As well as being important in the story, she also has some distinct unimportance. In the novel, she is never given her own name; she has the title of Curleys Wife and is looked upon as his property. It is as if she has no human rights. Whilst everyone else on the ranch has a name, including Crooks the stable buck, she is just defined as the wife of a man she hates. She tells Lennie that, â€Å"he ain’t a nice fella. † She doesn’t like being locked up in the house, and ends up having to sneak around so Curley doesn’t catch her. She also seems insignificant in comparison to the other characters, as she has no specific job on the ranch. She seems to have a lot of time on her hands, because she is heavily made up, and her hair seems to be perfect each time she appears. She fills her time in this way. She also wanders the ranch constantly claiming that she’s â€Å"looking for Curley. † This is because otherwise she is always in the house or hiding from Curley. For example, in Chapter One, when Lennie and George have first arrived, she is stood at the doorway asking for Curley, and after she has left, Curley arrives and asks if anyone has seen his wife. This proves that she is always hiding from Curley, and he is always keeping a watchful eye on her. When she dies, and is lying in the hay, Curleys intentions seem to be just to get revenge, nobody mourns her death. Only Slim has the decency to â€Å"touch her cheek,† and check her pulse under her â€Å"slightly twisted neck. † Curley jumps up and immediately says, â€Å"I know who done it. † His only thought is to kill Lennie. Ever since Lennie crushed Curleys hand he’s been planning revenge, and now he has the perfect reason. Nobody stops to mourn a young, unfortunate, nai ve girl’s death. Even though she has been at the ranch for only two weeks, she seems to already have gathered a reputation of a tart. George generally seems to regard all women as â€Å"jailbait† but knows that there’s â€Å"gonna be a mess ’bout her. † Of course, he is right. The other men on the ranch also think she’s a tart, and Whit thinks that Curleys wife has â€Å"got the eye goin’ all the time,† and Candy also says that â€Å"She got the eye. † Neither of these comments are factual, but they give you a bad impression of Curleys wife. When Curleys Wife first appears, her â€Å"hair is in curls†, she has â€Å"rouged lips†, and is wearing â€Å"red fluffy mules. † She is wearing a lot of red and this usually represents prostitution. When she has left after flaunting her body, George remarks, â€Å"Jesus! What a tramp! † Whit also says â€Å"she ain’t concealing nothing. † She could be more modest but she just wants male attention and the only way she can do this is by showing off her body. Although the main impression of Curleys Wife is that of a tart, there are many qualities that make you feel pity for her. She isn’t bright, and has an isolated life in her house, trying to hide from Curley. She says, â€Å"I don’ like Curley,† and clearly regrets marrying him. When describing her dream, she uses â€Å"I coulda,† and not â€Å"I will. † The girl has no hope and believes her life will be living on the ranch, doing nothing but hiding from Curley. She is also very nai ve, in the last Chapter, when Lennie kills her, she is led in the hay and is described as â€Å"pretty†, â€Å"sweet†, and â€Å"young†. All of these characteristics are those of an innocent girl, the young woman Curleys Wife really was. Curley only wants revenge for her death, Slim is the only person who checks her pulse, and even tells Curley to stay behind, but revenge is all Curley wants. Even Candy curses over her dead body, he says, â€Å"you god-damn tramp† and claims that she ruined his dream of owning the ranch with George and Lennie. Candy blames Curleys Wife, who was really just a lonely girl, and needed someone to talk too. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE John Steinbeck section.

Jerry Maguire-Case Study

LED 605 Negotiations*, Bargaining and Conflict Resolution*: Jerry Maguire Case Study by Hana Jurcovicova For our case study assignment we watched a short part from Jerry Maguire movie. In this movie Jerry Maguire is a sport agent. This kind of job was always his dream. But he is not happy in his job. He hates himself and what he became. He hates the company that was all about money. He learned when he first started, that the job of a sports agent is mostly about personal relationship, caring for people doing business with and meeting their needs. He writes a new mission statement for his company, for the future of it. He wants to make it a company he would like to work for. He thinks that the most important thing is to have fewer clients, which they can take better care of. Fewer clients mean less money for the company which is oriented mostly in making a lot of money. He writes a little book about this mission statement about what we think but never say loud and put it in every mailbox of every employee. The next day when everybody reads it or is still reading, people are clapping to Jerry Maguire even though they know almost for sure he was going to be fired for that. Jerry Maguire is fired later on in the movie. He is fired for sharing his personal opinion and writing about it. It looks like he wants to set people against the company and the way it operates right now. Moreover he did not discuss this mission statement change with any of the members of the board or CEO. Nobody gave him the permission to release his new mission statement to public.

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CRM Model Assessment & Design Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

CRM Model Assessment & Design - Essay Example This was seen as a key driver to increase their business coverage. They also managed to be in partnership with Econocaribe Consolidators, Inc. and AmeriJet International, Inc. which is one of the largest freight forwarding carriers and they are based in the US in the United States while the latter is a leading cargo shipment company. Caribbean Cargo DC, LLC goals include providing services that are reliable, efficient and an exceptional customer service. With these services they hope to be recognized by the customer as the better option when it comes to freight forwarding. The marketing strategy in place is not specific as they do not have an ample program that can act as the dependable CRM strategy. According to Peppers and Rogers (2004) the IDIC methodology consists of 2 broad categories; analysis and action. Analysis includes the company’s initiative to identify and differentiate their customers while action involves interaction and customization. IDIC is a methodology that involves several aspects that ensure company prospers efficiently. These include: identification, differentiate, interact and customization. ... Later on the fill out forms and make deposit payments. This type of customer relationship leaves out the biggest aspect of maintaining a customer because they cannot distinguish whether the customer will be just a first time customers or return customers. In addition to that, it lacks proper channels to create personal relationships and interaction and finally customization of products so as to perfectly fit an individual customer needs. Most businesses that have not yet implemented the IDIC model still reap few benefits from the traditional CRM model. These include the ability to communicate with their customers, either first time customers or return customers and they can be able to negotiate on the charges involved as well as offer their customers discounts. With that, return customers may be offered discounts since the company may consider them as loyal customers. This may also act as a perfect channel where the loyal customers may promote the business to other clients who may al so be interested in the services offered, thus this may just be another method that is not reliable for a business to depend on. Some of the impacts of the company’s goals and marketing strategies include the fact that they have maintained the shipping business in the Caribbean with respect to their goals of providing services that are reliable, efficient and an exceptional customer service. The diagram (SWOT) below shows the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities that face Caribbean Cargo DC, LLC. Redesign the Customer Service Policies and Strategies With reference to the IDIC methodology, identification is a key step in IDIC. The current situation that they are

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Ascertaining Organizational Behaviour of Contracting Firms Based on Article - 1

Ascertaining Organizational Behaviour of Contracting Firms Based on the Impact of Cultural Factors - Article Example 124). Constructions companies modify their organisational behaviours on account of its employees’ cultures. Experts argue that the development of a strong organisational culture is essential to the overall success of an organisation. It is rather evident there is a strong connection between people’s cultures and the behaviour within organisations. In the European Union (EU), for instance, behaviour noted in successful construction firms is largely due to the continually nourished and healthy organisational culture that not only appreciates the cultural backgrounds of its workforce, but also upholds such cultural characteristics (Tomek 2011, p. 12). This is, for instance, done by abiding to culturally significant events within the organisation, as well as allowing all persons from different cultures to maintain their unique cultural identities (Gold, Malhotra and Segars 2001, p. 46). Persons of different ethnicities and races have distinctive cultural beliefs, behaviours and ceremonies. Different governments of the EU member states, as well as the EU body, have established definite regulations that protect various aspects of different cultures from interference by other persons or organisations (Toole 2011, p. 37). This means that a construction company in the EU must abide by these regulations or face litigation. The culture of Muslims is to conduct prayers up to five times in a day and go to the Mosque on Fridays. In order to maintain effective organisational structures and employee satisfaction, construction companies must uphold such cultural practices among their Muslim employees. This means the provision for ample time to Muslim employees to attend religious services and conduct prayers without undue hindrance from company management or other members of the workforce. It is of paramount importance to appreciate the kinds of behaviour culture has the utmost impact

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Lesson 13 discussion and assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Lesson 13 discussion and - Assignment Example Young minds often read too deep between the lines and might spoil their constructive thoughts on such material. Again I agree with Denver that the censors often misinterpret music and do not label them justifiably. Judging both the viewpoints, I believe that PMRC’s concern was not baseless but censors might discuss with the composers before labelling and perform a survey including young people as the sample set. Labelling and preventing access to children forcefully can do justice only when the children are not aware of the presence of such music. However advertisements and posters cannot always be hidden from their eye and in an age where access to drugs and other substance are common, access to music CDs etc are also not unimaginable. Also I believe there are serious problems to tackle among young people apart from music and videos. If the children should actually be stopped to access these products then they should be banned from stores altogether or kept in separate depart ment of a store marked only for adults. However this is often not possible. Hence labelling unnecessary keeps the lawyers busy and leads to unwanted expenses of the court at times instead of serving the intended

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Proposal of Anti-discrimination of Mexican Americans in the South Research Paper

Proposal of Anti-discrimination of Mexican Americans in the South - Research Paper Example The United States has witnessed the movement of many ethnic and racial groups from Latin America and South America. These groups are often identified as Latinos, Hispanics and Mexicans in popular jargon though their racial and ethnic linkages may not always be with these particular groups. Perhaps the greatest influx of these racial and ethnic groups has been in the South of the United States where hundreds of thousands of people cross the border each year in search of better job opportunities and living standards. The most notable of these movements of Latinos and Hispanics originates from Mexico which is just south of the United States border. A large proportion of these immigrants are Mexicans while there are large swathes of naturalized Mexicans already present inside the United States. The Mexican ethnic groups have long been subject to racial discrimination in one form or the other such as the popular association of mafia and drug culture with the Mexicans (E-RACE, 2011). Howev er such sentiments are not always grounded in fact and the Mexicans have played a large part in the development of the United States economy. The racial discrimination faced by the Mexicans has brought direct costs for the federal as well as state governments. This study will focus on the costs of discrimination against Mexicans in South Carolina and the actions and policies that could be implemented in order to deal with these problems through affirmative action and other means. 2. Defining Mexicans As mentioned before the term Latino, Hispanic and Mexican tends to over assume the racial and ethnic identities of the subject groups. The living habits and social behavior as well as the overall outlook for these groups are similar so it is natural to find discrimination across the board for all of these groups. However for the purposes of this study the particular segment in focus will be Mexicans who reside in South Carolina. These Mexicans could either be immigrants who have come ac ross the border recently, workers who work for some time in the United States and then relocate to Mexico as well as Mexicans who are permanently settled in the United States and are naturalized. 3. Economic Profile of Mexicans in South Carolina A study conducted for Mexicans available in South Carolina (Lacy, 2007) demonstrated that most Mexican immigrants were employed in four economic sectors that are: Construction; Restaurants; Manufacturing; Services. Some smaller proportions of Mexicans are also employed in poultry processing and landscaping as well. The study showed that only 0.02 percent of the included respondents were reported as unemployed. However around 11% of the surveyed women (who were home makers) said that they considered taking up another job to augment the total family income. The communication barrier because of lingual differences (Spanish versus English) seemed to play a major role for these women being unable to find jobs. Around 54% of the women surveyed wer e employed and out of these some 56% worked either in restaurants or as domestic help (such as house cleaning, elderly and child care). The income levels of the respondents varied widely. People employed in the construction industry reported incomes of $ 1,350 per month on average but these figures varied depending on weather conditions as well as other factors. The people employed in restaurants reported higher earnings of around $ 1,450 per month on average while those in the manufacturing sectors reported incomes