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Drivers of Industry Financial Structure free essay sample

Drivers of Industry Financial Structure The process of identification begins by considering the obvious characteristics. For example, you know that a hotel would not have any significant inventory since it is a service activity. I used three major groupings: Service Industries, RD Investments, and Consumer or Retail Based. Service Industries: Temporary staffing agency, hotel and airline; balance sheets are C, D, I J. Eliminate J since it has a high RD component which is unlike any of the indicated service industries. I is the temporary staffing agency since it has a relatively low % of net plant relative to assets. The primary resource of a staffing agency are the temporary workers who cannot be carried as either inventory or net plant since they are human! D is likely to be the airline since it has high unearned revenue which reflects the prepaid tickets purchased for future air travel. It also has some Accounts Payable which partially reflects those frequent flier miles we all accumulate. We will write a custom essay sample on Drivers of Industry Financial Structure or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page C remains as the hotel which has high goodwill due to industry consolidation activities wherein other hotel firms are acquired at a premium relative to book value. RD Based Firms: Software, On-Line Retailing, Pharmaceutical and Communication Equipment. Financial statement candidates would be A, F, G J. J is the software firm since it has substantial RD investment relative to sales with a high gross margin since software is cheap to duplicate. Very low inventory since there is relatively little cash investment. A is clearly the on-line retailer since it is losing money. Low inventory and accounts receivable since it sells by credit card and manages its inventory very aggressively. G is the communication equipment firm since it has the lower profit margin and longer accounts receivable typical of a firm successfully bidding for government contracts. F remains as the pharmaceutical firm since it has higher margins due to the ability to maintain high drug prices. It also spends a significant amount on RD since the competition is always coming up with new product. Consumer or Retail Based: Warehouse Club, Supermarket and Consumer Products firm. Remaining financial statements are B, E H. BH have low accounts receivable, margins and high inventory turnover so must be the warehouse club and the supermarket. Therefore, E must be the consumer product company. B must be the grocery chain since it has the higher markup and higher expenses relative to H. H, by process of elimination, is the warehouse club. The final grouping would appear as follows: A On-Line Retailer B Supermarket C Hotel D Airline E Consumer Products F Pharmaceuticals G Electronic Communication H Warehouse Club I Temporary Staffing Agency J Software

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Theme Park free essay sample

An accurate descriptor on the demographics of guests Hong Kong Disneyland is a fantasy and romantic place. Couples and family are the main guests in the beginning. Now, mainland visitors also are main of Hong Kong Disneyland guest. There have a lot of characters from famous Disney stories ,such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Princesses . Thus it can attract children. Especially for 12 years children, they love these characters very much. And the girls love princess’s dress up, so they will always want to go Disneyland to find princess. Then their parents will take us to Disneyland. The Mainland is no similar fairy-tale-style and fantasy world’s theme park. So, many mainland visitors will go to Hong Kong Disneyland in holidays. [pic] Ocean Park is a marine-themed amusement park. Family, teenagers and mainland visitors are the main guests. It has a lots of different animals. Such as pandas and dolphins. It can help parents to teach their children about conservation. We will write a custom essay sample on Theme Park or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The teenagers made to stimulate demand. So Ocean park switched to bring in more rides in an attempt to capture demand from the youth market. Together with the opening up of mainland visitors under the Individual Visit Scheme, Ocean Park also have some plan to give them. In attract so many visitors go every year. Ocean Park recorded an increase to 4 million visitors in the fiscal year 2004-2005, the highest since the parks opening. 2. Types of people who run the Ocean Park They are Chief Executive, Deputy Chief Executive Chief Financial Officer, Executive Director,Operations, Executive Director,Design Planning, Executive Director,Zoological Operations Education, Executive Director,Project Development,

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Words with the Suffixes -ance and -ence

Words with the Suffixes -ance and -ence Words with the Suffixes -ance and -ence Words with the Suffixes -ance and -ence By Maeve Maddox One of our readers asks if there is a rule for knowing when to write ence and when to write ance at the ends of words such as: affluence, eloquence, essence, influence, insurgence and ambulance, clairvoyance, finance, ignorance, nuisance In a priority list for English spelling reform, the spellings ence and ance, ent and ant, surely deserve a place near the top. Both ance and ence derive ultimately from Latin endings spelled entia and antia. Before the Sixteenth Century when English scholars busied themselves trying to make English spelling and grammar conform to the logic of Latin, some words that had already entered the language spelled with -ance were altered to ence. NOTE: The silent b came into the word debt at this time. In Middle English the word was usually spelled det or dette, rarely debte. The reforming scholars decided that since the word came from Latin debitum, it needed the b. As for knowing when to write -ence and when to write -ance, I believe that this is a case in which observation and practice offer the best solution. A spell checker can also help. A website called Everything2 formulates several rules for the ence/-ance, -ent/-ant spellings, but the multiplicity of rules and exceptions would seem to demand more mental exertion than simply memorizing the words one has trouble with. I was taught to attach what my teacher called a spelling pronunciation to words that do not sound the way they are spelled. For example, I have no trouble spelling chihuahua because I think /chI hoo-a hoo-a/. The same goes for words in ence and ance, ent and ant. I look at the word and emphasize the ending in my head: de fen DANT, prev a LENT. Do this often enough and the correct spelling will enter your long term memory. CAUTION: Some danger may attach to the use of mental spelling pronunciations: they may slip into your speech. Ive heard more than one TV lawyer pronounce /de fen dent/ as /de fen DANT/. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Spelling category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:100 Mostly Small But Expressive InterjectionsTen Yiddish Expressions You Should KnowInspiring vs. Inspirational

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How to Extract DNA From a Banana

How to Extract DNA From a Banana Extracting DNA from a banana may sound like a difficult task, but it is not very difficult at all. The process involves a few general steps, including mashing, filtration, precipitation, and extraction. What You Need BananaSaltWarm waterLiquid soapBlenderToothpicksStrainerGlass jarRubbing alcoholKnife Heres How Using your knife, cut your banana into tiny pieces to expose more of the cells.Place your banana pieces in the blender, add a teaspoon of salt and slightly cover the mixture with warm water. The salt will help the DNA stay together during the mashing process.Mix in the blender for 5 to 10 seconds making sure the mixture is not too runny.Pour the mixture into the glass jar through the strainer. You want the jar to be about half full.Add about 2 teaspoons of liquid soap and gently stir the mixture. You should try not to create bubbles when stirring. The soap helps to break down cell membranes to release the DNA.Carefully pour very cold rubbing alcohol down the side of the glass stopping near the top.Wait for 5 minutes to allow the DNA to separate from the solution.Use the toothpicks to extract the DNA that floats to the surface. It will be long and stringy. Tips When pouring the alcohol, make sure that two separate layers are being formed (The bottom layer being the banana mixture and the top layer being the alcohol).When extracting the DNA, twist the toothpick slowly. Be sure to only remove the DNA from the top layer.Try repeating this experiment again using other foods such as an onion or chicken liver. Process Explained Mashing the banana exposes a greater surface area from which to extract the DNA. The liquid soap is added to help break down cell membranes to release the DNA. The filtration step (pouring the mixture through the strainer) allows for the collection of the DNA and other cellular substances. The precipitation step (pouring the cold alcohol down the side of the glass) allows the DNA to separate from other cellular substances. Finally, the DNA is removed from the solution by extraction with the toothpicks. DNA Basics DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule, illustration. Â  KTSDESIGN/Science Photo Library/Getty Images What is DNA?: DNA is a biological molecule that contains genetic information. It is a nucleic acid that is organized into chromosomes. The genetic code found in DNA provides instructions for the production of proteins and all components necessary for the reproduction of life. Where is DNA Found?: DNA can be found in the nucleus of our cells. Organelles known as mitochondria also produce their own DNA. What makes up DNA?: DNA is composed of long nucleotide strands. How is DNA shaped?: DNA commonly exists as a double stranded molecule with a twisted double helical shape. What is the role of DNA in inheritance?: Genes are inherited through the replication of DNA in the process of meiosis. Half of our chromosomes are inherited from our mother and half from our father. What is the role of DNA in protein production?: DNA contains the genetic instructions for the production of proteins. DNA is first transcribed into an RNA version of the DNA code (RNA transcript). This RNA message is then translated to produce proteins. Proteins are involved in just about all cell functions and are key molecules in living cells. More Fun With DNA This model shows the double helix and nucleotide base structure of DNA. The double helix is formed by two spiraling strands of sugar phosphates. Nucleotide bases (red, blue, yellow, green) are arrayed along these strands. LAWRENCE LAWRY/Getty Images Constructing DNA models is a great way to learn about the structure of DNA, as well as DNA replication. You can learn how to make DNA models out of everyday objects including cardboard and jewelry. You can even learn how to make a DNA model using candy.

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Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 1

Project Management - Essay Example Most pizzerias do not use a high temperature brick oven for their day to day operations due to their size, weight, and high operational costs. The difference of D'Angelo Pizzeria lies in the patent pending light weight, efficient, modular oven design exclusive to our company. Patents can protect a product innovation up to 20 years (Ustpo, 2008). By combining the freshest ingredients our specially developed fermented dough formula and our revolutionary patent pending oven design, D'Angelo Pizzeria provides the genuine pizza experience with subtle aromas and outrageous flavors that only a properly prepared pizza and high temperature brick oven can provide. D'Angelo incorporates fully equipped high end pizza parlor with three independently controlled high temperature pizza ovens on an 8'x12' temperature controlled trailer. Our exclusive franchising concept will bring to the masses a superior quality pizza experience at a competitive price. The priority of the project is to open the two pilot stores, not selling franchises since it is going to take six months to a year prior to the company been ready to sell franchises (Projectkickstart, 2011). Objectives: The goals of this project are: 1) To finalize the design, build and test the D'Angelo Pizzeria final trailer prototype and custom outdoor enclosed tarp for customer seating with a capacity for 24 individuals 2) To design and test manufacturing operational procedures and build all the necessary operating infrastructure for the manufacturing of trailers, distribution and customer service of the D'Angelo Pizzeria franchise. 3) To interview and hire the necessary personnel for the operations of the D'Angelo Franchise division. 4) To document and write the franchisee, employee, training and operational manuals for the D,Angelo Pizzeria franchise. 5) To build the trailers for the first two corporate owned D,Angelo Pizzerias 6) To launch the grand opening of the first two corporate owned D'Angelo pizzerias and franchise division. In order to complete the project a we will need to concentrate our efforts in the following important items or deliverables (Desouza, 2008): 1) Outline and design layout and equipment requirements for final trailer prototype. 2) Investigate and compare available suppliers for equipment and raw materials requirements. 3) Acquire bids from chosen suppliers for the unmodified trailers ,equipment, food and general staples. 4) Sign a contract with one supplier for the trailer and equipment and two suppliers for food and operational supplies. 5) Finalize enclosure design for the three modular ovens to be used in the chosen trailer model. 6) Order trailer, equipment and materials from chosen suppliers for leasehold improvements and final trailer prototype. 7) Acquire bids and choose one fabrication shop for custom sub assemblies to be used in the trailer. 8) Lease suitable commercial building for the warehouse and manufacturing area and corporate facilities for D'Angelo Pizzeria corporate headquarters. 9) Incorporate D'Angelo Pizzeria Co. and franchise division. 10) Interview and hire personnel for D’Angelo Pizzeria manufacturing and corporate operations. 11) Assemble final trailer prototype and perform testing and debugging. 12) Choose and document final design parameters for trailer after prototype testing. 13) Establish and

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Cat People (Jacques Tourneur, 1942) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cat People (Jacques Tourneur, 1942) - Essay Example The generic setting focuses on the historical discussion of cat people. Irena fears that sexual arousal will turn her into a leopard. Irena’s fears are confirmed when she turns into a leopard after her psychologist, Dr. Louis Judd, kisses her. The setting includes the usual wrong movie scene diagnosis by psychologists. The setting includes generic sad endings (death of Irena). The atmosphere or mood of the play is generic fear. Irena fears that she may turn into a leopard after being sexually aroused. Her rival, Alice Moore, fears that Irena will kill her in a fit of jealousy. Oliver fears Irena may kill both Oliver and Alice because they had betrayed Irena’s trust. One scene shows Alice running fast as she tries to escape someone or something following close behind. Another scene shows Alice shouting for help as she hears a leopard roar during one of her swimming activities (Manchel, 1990). In terms of generic cinematography, the camera is perfectly located. Perfect location ensures the black and white picture comes out very vividly and continuously throughout the year. The characters perfectly move from one scene to another in effortless manner. The cameras continually zoom in to show the facial expressions of the actors and actresses. The entire film is done in black and white colour (Manchel, 1990). Further, the lighting is magnificently done. The lighting enhances the story. The lighting vividly shows the facial expressions of the actors and actresses. The people have a better view of the surrounding movie scenes. The lighting increases the fear theme of the movie (Manchel, 1990). The color of the film is shown to have only generic two colors. One color is black. The other color is white. The two colors reduce the beauty of the film. Films with different colours are more pleasing to the eyes compared to black and white movies. The black and white film does not show the vibrant colours of the

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Refugee Convention and the United Kingdom Essay Example for Free

Refugee Convention and the United Kingdom Essay A person who escapes tyrannical or perilous circumstances is termed as a refugee. Some of the reasons for the creation of refugees are civil disturbances, environmental disasters or war. Around three hundred thousand people obtain this status per month and comprise of women and children in the main. The United Nations requires its member states to protect such people (What are refugees? , 2005). On the 14th of December, 1950, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees of UNHCR was established by the United Nations General Assembly. Its principal objective is to afford protection to refugees and find a viable solution to their problems. Fundamentally, the UNHCR makes strenuous efforts to enable the persecuted of the world to obtain asylum and â€Å"safe refuge in another State, with the option to return home voluntarily, integrate locally or to resettle in a third country. † (Basic Facts). Article 1A(2) of the Refugee Convention states that refugees are individuals who leave their country on account of legitimate danger of persecution due to their political opinions, nationality, race or religion and who are not in a position to obtain the protection of their country (Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. Adopted on 28 July 1951 by the United Nations Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the Status of Refugees and Stateless Persons convened under General Assembly resolution 429 (V) of 14 December 1950). The Member States of the European Union exhibited quite some differences in the interpretation of this definition of refugees. It became mandatory to establish the same guidelines within the Union, in order to implement a common asylum system in the EU. Accordingly, the European Commission made a proposal in the year 2001 to the European Council, whereby the requirements for deeming a person to be a refugee were clearly described and this was in accordance with the UNHCR Refugee Convention of 1951, Article 1 of the Geneva Convention on the Status of Refugees, discussions of the EC with its Member States and specialized institutions dealing with refugees like the European Council on Refugees and Exiles or ECRE and the UNHCR (The European Union clarifies what it means by refugee and subsidiary protection). This proposal comprised of several goals, some of them were to ensue the existence of basic protection, in all the Member States, for persons who required international protection. Initially, the concentration was to be on reducing the differences extant in the legislation and procedures of the various Member States. After this the aim was to restrict subsequent measures adopted by persons who were taking advantage of the variance in the laws relating to the recognition of refugees in the Member States in order to obtain subsidiary protection status. Moreover, it was a major objective of this proposal to assure adequate protection for those whose needs in this regard were genuine. Furthermore, the proposal aimed to ensure that no person could take undue advantage of the process of obtaining asylum (The European Union clarifies what it means by refugee and subsidiary protection). Consequently, in April 2004 Directive 2004/83/EC was adopted and this directive prescribes the requirements for according refugee status to stateless persons or people who do not belong to Member States of the EU. In addition, this directive describes the nature and extent of the protection to be granted to all such eligible persons (The European Union clarifies what it means by refugee and subsidiary protection). The immigration rules in the United Kingdom permit the grant of asylum to a refugee, only if it is possible for that person to establish that they face certain persecution due to their ethnicity, nationality, religion or due to the political opinions that they subscribe to if they return to their country of origin. These rules are in conformity with the United Nations convention relating to the status of refugees and Article 3 of the ECHR or European Convention on Human Rights. The result of these rules is that there is an exclusion of most of the refugees who have been permitted to reside in the UK under exceptional leave (asylum, political, 2005). In the year 1999 seventy one thousand persons sought political asylum in the United Kingdom and most of these persons were Kosovar refugees from the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. A few of these applicants were from Somalia, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Albania and China. These numbers increased to a little over a hundred thousand by January 2000 indicating a massive increase in the influx of refugees to the United Kingdom (asylum, political, 2005). The data available with the Home Office has revealed that thirty six percent of those seeking refuge in 1999 were genuine and that an additional eleven percent had been granted asylum on compassionate grounds. However, statistics from other sources have revealed that less than ten percent of persons whose application for refuge had been refused had been deported and that the remainder continued to stay as illegal immigrants (asylum, political, 2005). On the 1st of April, 2000 the United Kingdom enacted legislation, which expeditiously dealt with straightforward cases by adopting fast track processing of their applications, substituted a food voucher system for the extant welfare benefits and made provisions for the forced occupation of accommodation around the UK. These initiatives were successful in reducing the number of pending applications to ninety thousand by May 2000. However, the United Kingdom had to incur an exorbitant expenditure of nine hundred million pounds sterling, in order to support asylum seekers during the financial year 1999 to 2000 (asylum, political, 2005). The UNHCR, which was established in 1951, has provided succour to approximately thirty million refugees. The number of persons whose status has been of grave concern to the UNHCR has increased from seventeen to twenty seven million between 1991 and 1995. These numbers stood at twenty two million at the end of the year 1999 and comprises of eleven million refugees and five million persons who had been displaced within their own countries (asylum, political, 2005). The United Kingdom received three hundred and ninety thousand applications seeking asylum in the year 2000. Out of these ninety seven thousand, seven hundred were granted the status of refugees or provided with exceptional leave to remain in the UK. This amounted to thirty one percent of total asylum applications made all over Europe. Most of the applicants belonged to countries where human rights were being infringed with impunity. Many of these refugees hailed from Iraq, Iran, Sri Lanka, Somalia, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. The number of refugees accepted by the UK was less than the number permitted in Belgium and the Netherlands as a ratio to the population, these observations were made by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (Immigration and emigration, 2005). In order to compensate for the ageing population of the EU, it has to allow an influx of nearly 1. 4 million immigrants per year. The UK Home Office had undertaken reforms to its work permit system so as to allow foreign nationals to apply for such work permits in order to fill in job vacancies. The objective of these new reform proposals is to encourage legitimate immigration and thereby discourage illegal immigration. In October 2001 the Home Office had announced that the present scheme of issuing food vouchers to asylum applicants would be restructured by implementing a combined cash and identity card system (Immigration and emigration, 2005). The Ministerial Meeting on the Refugee Convention held in Geneva, provided an opportunity for the participating nations to adopt new policies to strengthen international refugee protection. Although, more than fifty years had elapsed, since the adoption of new policies in the Refugee Convention, yet nations were lagging behind in addressing the fundamental cause for refugee exodus. The cause for this situation was violation of human rights, especially during internal conflicts in the nations. Many countries were failing in their duty to respect the right to seek asylum from oppression. They were ignoring the non – refoulement principle, which held that refugees should not be deported to a place of conflict where the risk of serious breaches of human rights were prevalent (Refugee Convention a Convention for the 21st century. 2001). It is indeed deplorable to note that several countries had failed to initiate appropriate action against such infringement, as necessitated by the treaty obligations. According to Amnesty International, subsequent to the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Centre, national governments should be required to reiterate their commitment to the Refugee Convention (Refugee Convention a Convention for the 21st century. 2001). By instituting stringent security measures, subsequent to the September 11 attacks, many countries ignored the human rights of refugees and asylum applicants. These measures targeted non – citizens of the nations. Specifically, countries with powerful economies have treated refugees and illegal immigrants alike and implemented several measures to isolate refugees. Instances have been reported where nations have unnecessarily indulged in imposing tighter security measures. One instance of this was reported in July 2001 to the Amnesty International, wherein the immigration authorities of the United Kingdom stationed at Prague airport detained travellers from the Roma ethnic minority, questioned them, did not permit them to enter the UK and prevented them from boarding flights (Refugee Convention a Convention for the 21st century. 2001). It has become essential to implement measures that provide adequate protection in situations involving mass flight of the populace of a nation. Moreover, the UN refugee institution has to be provided with sufficient funds to carry out its work. The Amnesty International has demanded of the nations that had participated in the meeting in Geneva to resolve issues involving refugee protection in conformity with the spirit of the Refugee Convention (Refugee Convention a Convention for the 21st century. 2001). In R v. Special Adjudicator, Ullah a Pakistani national claimed asylum in the UK, as he feared persecution on account of his religious beliefs; the UK authorities did not accept his petition under the Refugee Convention. The House of Lords held that in the absence of a flagrant denial or gross abuse of an individual’s rights, there could be no compromise on maintain immigration controls in the larger public interest (R v Special Adjudicator, ex parte Ullah , 2004). Several instances exist, wherein the United Kingdom and its agents were unsuccessful in providing adequate protection to refugees, who had been deployed in special camps. In Kenya, a nineteen year old girl’s modesty was outraged in the vicinity of the offices of the refugee camp authorities and similarly, two Rwandan children were killed and their mother was stabbed in a secure residence. Moreover, a number of incidents involving the gross violations of the right to life, the right not to be subjected to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment and violation of the non refoulement principle were reported in these centres (New Approaches to the Asylum Process. Human Rights Watch Submission to the House of Lords, Select Committee on the European Union, Sub-Committee F (Social Affairs, Education and Home Affairs), 2003). As such the responsibility of protecting refugees is vested with the United Kingdom and the latter has to ensure that such violations do not occur in the refugee centres. In case of failure to protect refugees in the camps, the U. N. General Assembly can authorize the UNHCR to provide sufficient protection to the refugees and help the UK Government to find permanent solutions for the problem of refugees (New Approaches to the Asylum Process. Human Rights Watch Submission to the House of Lords, Select Committee on the European Union, Sub-Committee F (Social Affairs, Education and Home Affairs), 2003). The Chief Executive of the Refugee Council, Nick Hardwick, opined that, the policy being implemented by the UK Government was insufficient, and that it was endangering the lives of a number of asylum seekers. He further stated that the UK’s record of granting asylum status to Sri Lankan Tamils was dismal. France had granted asylum to around seventy three percent of the applicants and Canada had allowed eighty percent, in comparison to the woefully meagre two percent by the UK Government. Many felt that such rejection would pose grave danger for these immigrants, who could expect torture and incarceration in dehumanized prisons in Sri Lanka (New Refugee Council report warns UK not to put refugees lives at risk, 2002). From the above it becomes very clear that the UK has not been very friendly towards immigrants. In particular, after the attacks made by terrorists owing allegiance to Osama bin laden, there has been a reluctance to admit foreign nationals into the country. Several instances have come to light, wherein the UK Government had failed to take into consideration the principle of proportionality, while assessing the status of asylum seekers. There is a marked reluctance to permit persons hailing from Asia, the Middle East and Africa into the United Kingdom. This is in gross violation of the Refugee Convention of 1951. Bibliography asylum, political. (2005).In The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia including Atlas . Basic Facts. (n. d. ). Retrieved May 22, 2007, from UNHCR: http://www. unhcr. org/basics. html Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. Adopted on 28 July 1951 by the United Nations Conference of Plenipotentiaries on the Status of Refugees and Stateless Persons convened under General Assembly resolution 429 (V) of 14 December 1950. (n. d. ). Retrieved May 22, 2007, from Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights: http://www. unhchr. ch/html/menu3/b/o_c_ref. htm Immigration and emigration. (2005). Retrieved May 22, 2007, from In The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia including Atlas: http://www. xreferplus. com/entry/6435900immigration and emigration New Approaches to the Asylum Process. Human Rights Watch Submission to the House of Lords, Select Committee on the European Union, Sub-Committee F (Social Affairs, Education and Home Affairs). (2003, September). Retrieved May 22, 2007, from http://hrw. org/backgrounder/eca/asylum-process. htm New Refugee Council report warns UK not to put refugees lives at risk. (2002, February 11). Retrieved May 22, 2007, from Refugee Council Online: http://www. refugeecouncil. org. uk/news/press/2002/february/20020211newr. htm R v Special Adjudicator, ex parte Ullah , UKHL 26 (2004). Refugee Convention a Convention for the 21st century. 2001. M2 Presswire. M2 Communications, Ltd. The European Union clarifies what it means by refugee and subsidiary protection. (n. d. ). Retrieved May 22, 2007, from European Commission. Justice and Home Affairs. Refugee subsidiary protection: http://ec. europa. eu/justice_home/fsj/asylum/subsidiary/fsj_asylum_subsidiary_en. htm What are refugees? (2005). The Hutchinson Unabridged Encyclopedia i